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Here's why I say that. I have been using the COT reports since 1970, wrote the first book ever about the reports, “Trading with the Insiders” (Wiley, 2005), and have taught more people how to use this report than anyone else. No one has more experience wth it than myself.

Just about all of the other people out there talking about the COT reports learned about them from me or students of mine. No one, and I mean no one was writing about these reports when I first began discussing and trading with them in 1970.


My first lesson from the insiders...

I first learned about the importance of the Commitments of Traders Reports from Bill Meehan. Bill had been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, and in 1969 revealed the basic secrets of these reports to me. I invented some ways to make it easier to see the impact of these guys by making mechanical indicators with the data. I've been using them for over 40 years now and think you'll find them to be invaluable tools.


The report is issued on Thursday evenings by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  What it does is break down the amount of buying and selling done by three groups: Commercials, Large Traders, and Small Traders.

In other words, you really can find out each week exactly what the big guys have been doing in the marketplace... but it's not quite that easy.  Let me explain why.

The largest powers in the marketplace are the Commercials.  These are the large users and producers of the commodity.  They do not use the commodity markets to speculate or directly make money in the markets. They are producers and users of the commodity, so they sell forward or hedge their production/demand. They use the markets for selling and delivery, not speculating.

The Large Traders are the second most dominant figure in the report. These are not quite what you think.  They're not just large traders like me. They are nowadays, for the most part, commodity funds that are trying to speculate directly in the market.

Finally, there are the small traders, probably people like you… people who are trading in smaller amounts; the average trader.  Interestingly enough, sometimes their record is very good in specific markets, but, usually they are wrong.


Despite what you may have read from other traders (people who only looked at it for a few years), it is not a black-and-white situation.  Just because the Commercials, the largest players in the marketplace, have been buyers does not mean a market will rally.  How can that be true?

Let’s say you are a Commercial in Sugar. You need sugar to make candy. If the price of Sugar goes down; you will buy Sugar. In fact the more it declines, the more sugar you will buy in the futures markets now, for delivery later on when you will be making candy.

Your main concern is how much the sugar in your candy costs. As a Commercial you don’t care much about what price will do… no… you care about buying so you can take delivery and whip of a bunch of Taffy to sell for a profit.


Study this much and you'll run across something called the COT Index or Commercial Index.  Most of the followers of the Commitments of Traders Reports now use this index... it's something I began doing in 1972. That's why I think it's fair to say I've been using this data longer than anyone else out there.


chart image 1

Using the COT index is not about chart reading or any of the mystical stuff called technical analysis.  It's plain and simple, as you can see in the above chart of Gold --- when the red line is high and above 80% --- the Commercials have been doing a relatively large amount of buying, and prices usually rally.  By the same token, when the line is low --- below 20% --- they have been doing a relatively large amount of selling and prices usually decline. Look at the $ potential in those moves! Of course not all indicators will make money and there is always risk; you can lose as much or more than you can make on a trade.

Is this the type of indicator you are looking for to help your trading and investment decisions?

Let me show you another way of using it…

In this next chart we're looking at the Commercials Net Position in Soybeans.  Please look at the black horizontal line in the Commercial panel (red line indicator).  When the red line is above the black it means the Commercials have been doing a relative large amount of buying.

This is where it gets tricky and were I suspect I can help you the most.  It isn't just a question of the Commercials being long or short, but how massively long or short they are.  Notice the buy point in 2003 was evidenced by one of the largest Commercials long positions in years… and a rally that might have produced over $26,000 profit on a $1,500 investment!

Look at how high their Net Position was at the start of  2005… and again how this forecast a move of over $11,500 per contract, which had a $1,500 margin requirement.


Also note that when the Commercials Net Position was low, with the largest selling positions in years, as it was at the first of 2004, it warned of the ensuing bear market with a profit potential of over $17,000 per contract.  Again, there is always risk; these are examples not actual trades and re-read the disclaimer on the bottom of this and all pages on our website.

Shortly after the start of 2007 the Commercials Index made a multi year low, and Beans plummeted. 

I use this data in a variety of ways… many more than what I'm showing here.  I teach it in my commodity trading course, Cracking the Money Code. I've learned a little bit more about how to use it correctly in the last 10 years because as I said, it is an art and does need to be understood in relationship of the current price structure. That's exactly what I can teach you.

A FUNNY STORY --- Last year I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter about the COT report.  Just like you, he saw how powerful it was so he started researching the data by running a bunch of numbers in a computer and then coming up with a new career.  He now has a COT report and is already on the Internet!

But sad to say, his predictions have not been very good, because all he did was crunch numbers.  He DOES NOT understand the significance of the interplay of the Commitments of Traders Reports and that the Commercials are not speculators.  He has all the numbers but none of the experience and understanding. That’s what I can offer you…YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.  Go to the source to get the best information.

Here's what a few of my students have said about what they've learned from me.


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Why trust the Johnny-come-latelies, would be COT crowd?  They don't know what I know... they have not been trading as long as I have. They haven't achieved an 11,000+% return in one year in real time, real money - really trading the markets. That year I turned $10,000 into $1.3 million (See Robbins 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®. My daughter won in 1997 with a 1,000% return - no one has beaten our records since). My success in the markets is largely due to how I apply the Commitments of Traders Reports and what I know about them.

I hope I can help you understand and profit from this information.

Good luck and good trading,

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