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If there was ever a trade that was like
"Shooting Fish in a Barrel"
Here It Is!


About a week ago all the bells and whistles I follow began flashing, ringing and screaming that this market is ready to go.

Accordingly I went to work, beat up the numbers, did my research and have prepared a special 30 page report detailing the trade for you.

What's the market? That is confidential - I can't tell you. What I can tell you is that it is a futures market but not a thin market. I would not do that to you.

You may have already spotted this trade... but it doesn’t matter... the special report is going to teach you things that you have never known, like:

  • The best trading days of the month for the next four months for this market.
  • Unique ways to trade this market at Thanksgiving and Christmas with 90% accuracy.
  • A unique monthly occurrence, month in and month out that sets up great buying opportunities.
  • Three specific seasonal sweet spots to look for intermediate-term rallies.
  • The best day of the week to go long this market.

This is a special in depth report to make certain you get your money’s worth. I will show you what the dominant long-term (weekly) cycles have been and why they’re telling us we should buy now. I also show you where the buy points are in the very near future.

You’ll also learn the most significant short-term (daily) cycle that will help you with moving averages, oscillators... any technical tools you are using that are time-based. I’ve been grinding the cycle numbers on this market for over two years and this one cycle has been consistent. It has not wavered. In every test I have run it’s popped up. That means it is tradable!

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A Pinch and a Paunch...

Most of you know about my Pinch/Paunch set up tool. Yet I suspect you have not noticed it for this market. What’s interesting is it has given two specific signals, the intermediate-term market rally signal as well as the end of the trend signal.

But that’s just one set up technique. All in all there are 5 major indicators shouting "Buy!"

I have poured over the Commitment of Traders Report. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, this market is very, very bullish. However, most people may not pick up on this because they don't go into the depth of analyzing a market that I do. I look at the relationship of Commercials to Open Interest, of Commercials to Large and Small Traders. It takes a lot of time, but it is well worth it. The interaction of the data is extremely bullish for this market. I will teach you exactly what I look for and why it works, so you can use this idea in the future.

You will also learn a specific entry technique using the Commitment of Trader data so you’ll know when the explosive moved to the upside should begin.


$6,000 Per Contract Move Expected

Margin for this market is less than $2,000 with mini contracts available. This market is not stocks, bonds or gold. I expect a move of at least $6,000 per contract. So there is plenty of room for profit.

Learn 6 Specific Short Term Entries... You will also learn six specific short-term entry techniques for this market.

Have you looked at my intermarket forecasts, the forecasts using one market to forecast another? We had some amazingly accurate calls with this technique. Below is the forecast for this setup trade based on my analysis. It is the general path I expect this market to follow in the future.

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