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Here is my view of what will happen to the Euro Currency in 2018. This is your Free Forecast so you can see the future today as well as how my forecasts look and work.

Euro Currency 2018 Forecast


Which view of 2018 do you want, which will be the most helpful for you; the blank chart or a road map of the future for all major markets?

The future can be known.
See for yourself...
with proof from last year's report.


EC Forecast 2017
2017 Euro Currency Forecast


Gold Forecast 2017
2017 Gold Forecast

More Proof...

Dollar Index Forecast 2017
2017 Dollar Index Forecast


Sugar Forecast 2017
2017 Sugar Forecast


Live Cattle Forecast 2017
2017 Live Cattle Forecast


For the most part, traders are trading in the dark with no idea of future direction. Even a lit match in a dark room helps one see where to go... just as do these forecasts.

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

My forecasts are specific. They show exact dates. They’re not hedged, not wishy-washy. They are an absolute tool traders throughout the world (readers in over 20 countries) have found invaluable. That’s why virtually every year the forecast report sells out.

My web site is ireallytrade.com and I really do trade based on my cyclical forecasts. I have losing trades. There is risk in this. Obviously, I use a few other tools. But what I want is an alert that tells me when there’s a possibility for substantial market moves. That’s what the forecasts do... they give us a vision for major moves.

I’m not just diddling around with little back and forth market gyrations. I want to know when the substantial up-and-down moves will take place. I want an advantage in the game. Above all I want to help traders and investors in their pursuit of market profits.

But... as the man on TV says, there’s more... lots more... and in a moment I will discuss my Euro Currency Forecast for 2018.

What You Get

After checkout, you will be able to instantly download my report from your LWU account. The 2018 Forecast is a comprehensive PDF report. 70+ pages of my analysis and forecasts. This report gives you actual road maps - pictures - of where prices should go this coming year. You will see the timing of when prices are most apt to top and bottom.

You will see these visual projections so you can know — right now — what I expect will take place in 2018.

BUT, please don’t think my work is limited to just forecasting the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA). The natural cycle of market activity I have uncovered seems to work on virtually all markets. I have made a forecast for all of the major future markets.

Individual Forecasts For...


Stock Indexes

The US, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, and Russia


Treasury Bonds, Grains, Softs, Energies, Metals, Currencies, Meats


Apple, Microsoft, General Electric, Altria, plus more...

There is a forecast for every major commodity. So whatever you trade; futures or Forex, ETF’s or CFD’s, you will be able to have my vision of the future.

More than a Forecast Report...


5 Special 2018 Bonuses

1. S&P500 E-Minis Trading System

Last year we gave readers a specific S&P500 E-minis trading strategy and will be giving the rules again this year. Here are the results of how it has done in the last 12 months. Many of these signals were known far in advance.


No computer is needed these are simple and easy trades to follow. In 2017 there were 35 trades netting $10,262 with 91% accuracy from a totally mechanical system. It’s yours with my compliments with the 2018 forecast. This simple system alone is worth much more than the low cost of my annual forecast report.


2. Learn Gann’s Pressure Index... Make Your Own Forecasts!

W.D. Gann had some stunningly accurate forecasts. Want to know how he did it, all boiled down into one paragraph? If so then you must get this year’s report. People have paid $2,000 to over $5,000 for what I will show you. I will also show the last 10 years of these forecasts so you can judge for yourself just how good... or bad... or how valuable... the technique is. This bonus alone is worth many time the low cost of the report.

3. Bull and Bear Market Timing Signals

I’ve spent a life time developing market timing tools. I have a phenomenal buy indicator that has often called the exact week of the end of bear markets and the start of long term bull markets. The last signal was a buy September 23, 2011 the one before that a buy February 27, 2009.

In 2014 I finally put together an equally impressive long term FUNDAMENTAL SELL indicator to tell is when to get out of longs and or sell short. The last signal was a sell in September, 2007, the one before that a sell in July 2001. You could spend thousands of dollars a year on data for these indicators as well as hundreds hours or just get this year’s report that will include these signals, should they occur. This is better than any AARP insurance policy, that’s for sure!


All Purchasers of my 2018 Forecast Report will get special "Insurance Policy Bulletins". Anytime either of these indicators give buy or sell signals during 2018, we will email you a special bulletin.


This Is Your Failsafe... Major Market Timing Worth More Than The Low Cost of the Forecast!


There Has Been No Long Term Sell Signal Since the 2009 Buy Signal! BUT, one is near.


The buys for early 2009 and 2011 were worth 10’s of thousands of dollars to investors and traders.


4. Secret Links so you can tell how close we are to the next recession

I have found three sets of economic data that project in advance how far out we are from the beginning of a recession. You will read all about them in this year's report and get the URL links so you can follow the indicators yourself, free of charge.

The cost of my report - which includes all major futures markets - 70+ pages of in depth forecasts - is only $195. This also includes the S&P E-Minis trading strategy which has averaged over $6,800 a year in profits. Don’t forget readers will also receive my major buy/sell signal alerts if and when I get them. Please check the record above one more time to see how those signals might have helped you.


Major Short Term Cycle Forecasts for 2018

In 2017 I have spent hundreds of hours chasing down the most active cycles in the major trading markets. This includes THE US, JAPANESE AND CHINESE STOCK MARKETS, as well as GOLD, BONDS, CRUDE OIL, AND THE DOLLAR INDEX.


Here’s an example of one for 2018. Can you tell what market this is for? Get the report and find out! As you can see we do not vex readers with lines all over the charts and such. We may be wrong at times... but always clear and concise. Mumbo Jumbo dies here.

Short Term-2018-Cycle-Forecast
Short Term Cycle Forecast 2018


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You and I share a great problem...

Our investment success depends on our vision of the future. That’s why I began doing these reports 26 some years ago, for my own trading. Now you can see what I see; the future! Our problem is solved.

My report will get you out of the dark and show you what is in store for 2018.

It is the dream of traders and investors to know the future;
this report comes as close to fulfilling your dream
as I think humanly possible.

While some forecasters are content to just forecast stock prices for the next year, and charge $1,000 or MORE, we have been able to use my formula for virtually all major stock market indexes, futures and even in many cases stocks throughout the world.

That is why this year’s report is over 70+ pages long. It is a complete report. Concise, yes, but also complete covering the US Stock Market, bonds, precious metals, the grains, softs, meats, and the major currencies of the world. Simply put, there is nothing else quite like this because it covers all the markets.

I also make projections for these 13 stocks in the 2018 report: Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Home Depot, Altria, General Mills, McDonalds and Exxon.

The purpose of the forecast is to alert us
a year in advance
of when the most significant moves should take place
in a stock index or commodity


Watch This Video For My 2018 Forecast


The cost of my report --- which includes all major futures markets --- 70+ pages of in depth forecasts --- is only $195. This also includes the S&P500 E-mini trading strategy which has averaged over $4,000 a year in profits. Don’t forget purchasers will also receive my major buy/sell signal alerts if and when I get them. Please check the record above one more time to see how those signals might have helped you.

What I hope I have accomplished in this message is to show that I have correctly forecast markets in the past. Have I missed a market or two? Of course, I am not perfect. Yet, on balance, year after year, we have given people, just like you, an accurate roadmap to the future.

Will there be some that are not precise? The hard truth is that not all will be perfect because not all have been perfect in the past. I have also spent the last 12 months deep in cycle research to improve my tools and techniques; my goal is the make them "shockingly accurate". Again look at the 2017 forecasts; see for yourself.

The majority of the forecasts have been spot on telling us the general time to expect market rallies and declines. That’s what matters. By and large, the history of these forecasts (I’ve been doing them now for decades) suggests we will be able to spot the most significant moves to take place and will know about them long before they happen.

Right now go to the Buy Now button below to order today. Instantly you will get the report! I genuinely believe this will be the best investment you can make to know the future of 2018.

In addition to doing a ton of market research I also actively trade, which means I don’t have time to promote and sell this forecast. We make an announcement and have a cutoff time. We put a time limit on it so I can get back to trading (and you don't purchase a report after the markets have made their move).

This year that cut off is January 31st at Noon Eastern (NOT Pacific and NOT midnight - Noon). After January 31st there will be no sales of any kind past that date. Every year we turn people away. We really do limit sales.

Be ready today for the future. Simply click and in just a few minutes, the report will be ready to download and you to will know the future, today!

Larry Williams

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WARNING TO PIRATES: We found a brokerage firm posting my copyrighted 2012 Mid-Year Forecast online. We filed a suit and collected a hefty settlement. We will continue to go after anyone that violates our copyright to support our customers’ rights.


Who Should Buy This Report?


If you are a Day Trader or Intra-Day Trader, save your money, this forecast is NOT for you. This forecast is for Short-Term, Intermediate Term, Long Term, Swing Traders and Investors.

This Forecast gives traders perspective.

1) You will know in advance when markets should reverse (ie trend change).
2) This report's road maps forecast the significant highs & lows.
3) This report's road map's forecast gives you the overall trend direction for the rest of the year for all major markets... now.


Larry Williams has been making stock market forecasts for decades. In the past he has presented his predictions at special symposiums or seminars. In 2006 Larry Williams began releasing his futures and stock market forecasts which included bond market forecasts, forecasting market timing for gold, the forecast of oil prices, and all major markets to the general public as a special written report. These reports are wildly popular and thus Larry has had to set sales constraints for these reports.

Larry's stock and commodity markets predictions will greatly assist in your market timing in for all aspects of your trading.


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