Jury Finds in Our Favor

This past week a jury in Denver returned a 2.2+ million dollar verdict against Glen Larson and Genesis in our favor. Here is a link to the story. (You don?t have to sign up to read the important point of this story).


In the verdict it was found LnL Publishing LLC (Louise and I) showed by a preponderance of evidence that Genesis received a benefit... of a thing of value belonging to Mr. Williams and LnL Publishing and at the expense of Mr. Williams and LnL Publishing.

On our claim of unjust enrichment the jury awarded $400,000 to myself and $1,500,000 to LnL Publishing.

Glen Larson has now said, ?Larry Williams insists on rescinding his promise of giving all of you who attended his seminars continued access to your seminar libraries in Trade Navigator.?

That is not correct. We are more than willing to work with Genesis on making certain our students have our libraries from the seminars the students attend. We just require control over who has the library. Genesis was and still is refusing to allow us to control our libraries and who receives them in the Trade Navigator software. Genesis was never authorized to provide our libraries to any one without our permission which they have done in the last 5 years and before.

As you know I have always been here to support our students, libraries, and indicators. That policy has not changed, nor will it. We will make every attempt possible to provide my materials to bonafide students.

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