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Below are answers to questions we get on a regular basis. Hopefully you will find these helpful.

1. What broker do you use? I trade with TradeStation and Robbins.

2. Are you conducting any seminars in person or do you have any upcoming public speaking events? I occasionally do webinars for and market commentary for Mad Money. We recently released our new Futures Course. I do webinars for students of that course. Join our email list and when those events are scheduled, you will receive a notice via email.

3. How much should I have to start trading futures? I recommend at least $10,000. You can start with less, but you will be undercapitalized.

4. Where do I get Commitment of Trader (COT) data?

5. How is your seasonal indicator created and what is the formula? Read my book on seasonality or anyone's book for that matter. The information is readily and widely available.

6. I'm new and am ready to trade. What markets should I trade? The one that is set up the best.

7. What software do you use to place your orders? TradeStation. For my followers, the software is free and the futures data bundle is free. That's live streaming data for free - you can't beat that, plus the platform is the best.

8. I am new to futures and commodities trading. Where do you suggest I begin? Trading futures and commodities is very risky. You should educate yourself on trading these markets and paper trade (practice, practice, and practice a little more) before you consider trading your hard earned real money. I suggest you first buy my book Long Term Secrets to Short Term trading first. (You can probably find a used copy on Amazon.) If you like my approach to the markets, then you can signup for my free trading course in the Larry Williams University, How to Get Started Trading Commodities.


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