We currently only offer refunds for the "return" of the two products below. For all other products, all sales are final. There are no refunds whatsoever.

LWU Level 1 Core Fundamentals Cracking the Money Code

The only product we currently offer a full refund on is LWU Level 1 Core Fundamentals Cracking the Money Code. You must contact us either by phone, email, or mail that your are requesting a refund.

Your refund will be issued by check and mailed to you. If you request a refund against your credit card, there will be a refund processing fee of 4% (sorry, we hate all those fees too – no fees if we issue the refund by check).

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase Swing Trading Futures & Commodities at the student discounted price, you negate your money back guarantee for Cracking the Money Code. You cannot “return” Cracking the Money Code and get a refund once you purchase Swing Trading online course.


Special Larry TV Money Back Guarantee

For new customers as of November 27th: If you signed up for Larry TV at $29.95 per month recurring payment, after 2 months if you are not satisfied with our service, you may request a full refund by contacting us at customerservice@ireallytrade.com.


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