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Commodity Timing 2001 - 7 Issues for $40

JUNE 2001

  • Notes for speculators from Shanghai, China… My recent trip to the Orient opened my eyes to market movement, speculation and Trading for profits.
  • The Laws of Speculation Remain Unchanged...
    • The Pattern That Forecast…The Recent 400 Pt Dow Up Move
  • A Follow up from Last Month. More Market Road Maps - The idea
    • My idea was to determine how any given market moves, on average, during a month.

JULY 2001

  • The Monday Effect on Stock Prices - Proving Academia Wrong Again
  • Two Very Special Patterns... For Very Special Commodity Timing Subscribers


  • Death of the Turtle?
    • The Turtle System, Explained In Detail
    • The Creation Of The Turtles
    • Rules Of The System
  • A Little History of the Turtles


  • Knowing the Future
  • A Look at the Emotional Side of the Markets
  • The Key to Charting
    • An Insight
  • Covered Up Market Secrets
    • Putting It To Use
    • The Opening Does Matter


  • Lifetime Buying Point Coming Soon
    • Countdown To A Fortune
    • Why This Pattern?
  • The Four-Year Phenomena
  • The Operating Rule
  • Timing the Turn


  • The War and the Markets… Timing is Everything
    • A Word or Two on Stock Market Investing
  • My Best Bond Patterns
    • The Buy Signal
    • The Sell Signal


  • Measuring Trend Integrity
    • DMI/ADX --- The X-Ray Tool Of Technical Analysis
  • Reversals in the Bond Market... Mean Something in the Stock Market
  • Holiday Trading

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Commodity Timing 2002 - 12 Issues $100


  • 2002 The Year That Will Be Historic
    • The Most Accurate Forecast I Have Seen
  • DOW Could Possibly Gain 5000 Points... From its 2002 Low to its High in 2003
    • The Long And Short Of It
  • Bonds and Seasonality


  • A New Way of Looking at an Old Trading Idea
    • TDOMS vs. Week Day Performance
  • The Magic of Mondays in February
  • Selling in February
  • A February Forecast
  • The Secret to Speculation

MARCH 2002

  • A Word or Two on the Mentoring Mania
  • A Different View of The Commercials
    • A New Way…15 Weeks
  • A Great Little S&P 500 Pattern

APRIL 2002

  • The Secret of Emotional Management...Why are there so many books and seminars on the psychology of trading? Are we all psycho cases... or does the business turn us that way?
    • How To Be Sane And Still Trade
  • Resolving the Emotions
    • Can You Handle The Truth?
    • There It Is --- The Key Ingredient

MAY 2002

  • The Myth of the Large Trader... The “Big Boys” run the game and make a bundle of money trading commodities, right? Hardly, the evidence reveals.           
  • Enough of the Details
  • Seasonal Trades to be on the Lookout For

JUNE 2002

  • Large Traders... Trading Habits Revisited... The myth of the large trader and floor traders i that they are out to get us... that they are smarter and shrewder than we mere mortals. This month I continue to expose that, “it just ain’t that way.”
    • Understanding The Funds
  • The Ultimate Trend End Indicator?
    •  Introducing The Larger Trader Index
  • When to Sell Short the S&P 500

JULY 2002

  • The Power of Williams %R
    • The Formula
  • The Trend is the Basis of All Profits
    • Specific Entry
  • July Hot Spots
  • Special S&P 500 July Report
    • Trading Days Of The Month For July
    • Holiday Influences


  • Getting You Ready... It’s almost here... the best buy point in stocks for the first part of this decade.  Here’s more on this opportunity:
    • Fools Rush In
    • The General Thesis
  • Special Report
    • Goofy Gapper


  • Optimization is a Four Letter Word... A look at what it takes to build a good trading system...
    • The Observation, Don’t Put the Chart Before The Horse
  • The Rules We Learned
  • The Importance of Inside Days
    • All the Details


  • Laying it All on the Line
  • So Much for Market Timing... Now Which Stock Should We Buy?


  • The Importance of the Trend has Been Underestimated
  • Talking about the Trend
    • The Number One Problem Of Trend Trading
    • Trend Structure


  • Judging the Future From the Past
  • Cattle Seasonal Influence
  • More Good News --- Bonds and the S&P 500
    • Getting Specific
    • End The Year On A Bond Market Bang

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Commodity Timing January 2003 - 12 Issues $100


  • The History of Years Ending in 3
    • Up Close And Personal On “3” Years
    • Confirming The ‘3’ Year Bull Market
  • Seasonal Trades for the S&P 500


  • The Mythe and Magic of Market Math
  • Short Term Set Ups... Proving again, that fundamentals matter
    • Bring On The Bonds

MARCH 2003

  • 1997 REVISITED

APRIL 2003

  • The Mind Set of Trading and This Business
  • April Trading Opportunities
  • Getting Specific
    • T Bonds --- First On The Buy Side
    • On the Sell Side
MAY 2003
  • “My Hitches in Hell”… No, this is not a book on commodity trading… but, oh, the similarities!
  • Seasonally Speaking
    • Back To The Seasonal Move
  • Specific Trades
    • The best TDOM’s to be a buyer
JUNE 2003
  • And Now a Step into the Future
  • Getting Specific

JULY 2003

  • The Market --- It's Not a Flip of a Coin... Refutation to the adage that market movement is random, no more than a flip of a coin...
    • Flipping Out Over Coin Flipping
  • Patterns to Trading Profits or Randomness?
  • Looking at Losses
  • Specific Holidays
    • July Short Term Trades
  • Trading Maxims... Rules and thoughts to live by... when trading
  • How the Seasonals Stack up for August
  • My Stock Market Expectations


  • Systems, Sytems Everywhere. It Makes One Stop to Think
  • Down to Brass Tacks
  • What's Most Likely in Store
  • Seasonally Speaking --- 30 Years Later
    • Short Term Seasonal Influences
  • More Proof on a Non-Random Market Place... Presenting additional evidence of the power of the Commercials
  • Calling Upon the Commercials
    • Splashing Ice Water On The Professors
    • It’s All About Results
  • October is All About Stocks and Bonds
    • The Rhyme And Reason To All This
    • Darlings of The Dow


  • Distance --- The Key to Market Success?
  • The Frustration Formula
  • Breakind the Additiona
    • Seasonally Speaking---But Not Much Talking
  • "Be Prepared" , "Scouts Honor"
  • End of Days in the S&P 500?
  • Here's Your MBA in Commodity Trading
    • The Confidence of Knowing You Are Wrong
  • Is the Protection Team Protecting You?
  • On a Shorter Term Note

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Commodity Timing 2004 - 12 Issues $100


  • What a Waste the Mind is
    • The Toughest Part of Trading
  • A New Twist on the Commercials --- Using Them for Stocks
  • A Look at the Bond Market
    • A Sell, Then A Buy
    • Stocks, False Start


  • What You Think of My Trade... Is None of My Business
  • The Effect of Volume on Stock Prices... A look at price volume relationships to determine if they have merits in the art of technical analysis...
    • A Point of Interest
  • Taking it to a Profitable Trading Pattern

MARCH 2004

  • The Report They Will Hate Me For
    • Fibonacci  Retracements

APRIL 2004

  • Some Days are Better... Than Others... Here's One of Them
    • Same Idea But For A Stock
  • Turning Our Attention to the Bond Market
    • Bonds Monday Buy
    • Bonds --- It’s A Different Story

MAY 2004

  • Volumes and Volumes on... Volume... Now Some Clarity
    • Price Up Volume Down
  • Let's Look at Buying on a Pullback
  • From the Specific to the Non-Specific
    • A market reversal in the making?
  • A Look at 2003 in the Rear View Mirror
    • The magnitude of the swings is not of importance... it’s about time

JUNE 2004

  • An Insight into Outside Days
    • Outside Markets More... Than You Think
  • Nothing is More Difficult Than Day Trading
    • Selling at the Low of the OD
    • Ways to Trade Outside Days
  • Update on Option Writing Strategy

JULY 2004

  • Angst, the Driving Force... Of Market Success
  • The Four Minute Mile and Market Success
  • A Report from the Far East
  • Specialist Trap in News Corp
    • Double Dip The Double Gap


  • Head and Shoulder Chart Formations
  • Have Head and Shoulders at Long Last Been Vindicated?
    • The Index


  • The Simplest... Most Profitable System of them All
    • The Trend Is All Powerful


  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About October... and More
  • More Market Lows Have Come In October Than Any Other Month
  • The True Seasonal Pattern


  • A New Look at an Old Friend
  • Net Commercial Position
  • What a Sell Set Up Looks Like
  • What a Buy Set Up Looks Like


  • Volume --- The Most Misunderstood Technical Indicator?
    • One Day Matters?

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Commodity Timing 2005 - 12 Issues $100


  • Set Up Trades for the First of 2005
  • On the Short Side
  • And a Look at Stocks
    • Looking Forward To 2005…Doing What I Should Never Do---Forecast!
  • Point Counter Point... How to Tell if There's Trouble Ahead
  • Speaking of Years Ending in '5'


  • All You Wanted to Know About Gold
    • Three Factors That Influence Gold
  • Fundamental Lesson One: There is a Relationship Between the US Dollar and Gold
    • Does Gold Have A Seasonal Pattern?
    • Watching The Commercials
  • Fundamental Lesson Two: There is a Time to Sow and a Time to Reap Gold. It has Strong Seasonal Influences
    • Watching The Commercials
  • Fundamental Lesson Three: The Future Price of Gold is Heavily Influenced by What the Commercials Do
    • 2+2=4 Or How To Trade Gold
  • Depressions/Recessions and Stock Market Crashes

MARCH 2005

  • A New Moon Arising
    • New Evidence
  • New Moon or Full Moon Will the Real Bull Shine On?
  • Moonbeam and Rawhide
  • Seasonally Speaking

APRIL 2005

  • The 5 Ways to Trade
    • Trend Following
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Breakouts
    • Anti-Trend
    • Value
  • Loony Tunes Time?
  • Seasonals Meet the Commercials

MAY 2005

  • Stocks, Currencies, and the Great Oil Crisis
  • Stocks vs. Oil Prices
  • The Future of the Price of Crude Oil
  • Trading Opportunities for May

JUNE 2005

  • Buy Skype
  • “The Mountains are High and the Emperor is Far Away"
  • Cocoa Loco?

JULY 2005

  • A World View from My Recent Trip
    • A New Way To Make Money?
  • Expressly for July and August


  • A Sure Sign You are About to Miss a Winning Trade... What you are about to read is a true story, one that’s happened so many times to me I’d like to write about it so it does not happen to you...
  • Introducing --- the KOSPI
  • Inside Days, Holidays and Happy Days
    • There were several things that clued me into what should have been a great trade...
  • The Morning After Holiday Effect
    • The Other Trade Is A Strange One


  • Volume, Old Age and Reality
  • Combined Session Trading Volume and Price
  • The Lesson of Half a Billion Dollars
  • How to Look at Track Records
  • A Currency Move in Our Future?


  • A Walk on the Wild Side of $2 Billion
  • Trades to Look For


  • Confessions of a Commodity Trader...
    • The Temptations Of Trading
    • Calling Market Tops And Bottoms
    • Trend Continuation Trades
  • Opening up the Book on the Commitment of Traders Report
  • Open the Interest and Market Bottoms


  • System Trading for 2005
    • The Day Trading Dream
  • The Long Term... The Myth of the Turtle
  • Looking to the Future
    • Gold Forecast for 2006
  • Holiday Trading Pointers
    • Bond Traders
    • S&P 500 Traders

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Commodity Timing 2006 - 12 Issues $100


  • The World's Next Hot Commodity Market
  • The Future of Futures is Here
  • And the Best of the Best...


  • A New Way to Look at Inflation and Future Markets
  • Beaming in on One Trade --- Beans
    • Peanuts To Beans
  • A Pointer on Commercials and Soybeans
    • Focus On Beans Or Meal Is The Lesson

MARCH 2006

  • Things I Learn While Traveling... Traveling is like trading, buy low sell high.
    • Lessons from India’s greatest trader…
  • The Anatomy of a Trade
  • Speaking of Cotton in India
  • A New Look at the CRB Index
    • Some Pointers…

APRIL 2006

  • A Perfect Setup Trade? Feeder cattle have two powerful cycles we need to pay attention to this month---and this year---as there is a distinct possibility for the start of a major rally
  • Take a Look at the Seasonal Pattern
    • Years Ending In 6 Have Been Long Term Lows For Feeders
  • Trade Review

MAY 2006

  • Some Things I just Don't Get
    • A Bear Market In The Grains
  • Bonds Under the Microscope
    • As The Battle Of The Bonds Began…
  • A Look at the Commerc
  • A $60 Billion Error

JUNE 2006

  • "It's Like a Separate Fantasy World" The best read of the month on technical analysis comes from Reuters…
    • Support and Resistance
    • Safety in Numbers
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
  • At the Crux of the Technical Analysis Issue
    • What I think is important about technical analysis

JULY 2006

  • Lessons from a Bank Robber
    • What addictions drive traders?
    • What disguises do traders use?
    • Can traders use a team?
  • A Looming Problem --- The End of COT Data?
    • Commodity Futures Commission May Change, or Eliminate, Reports
  • Speaking of COT Data...
  • Trades to Look for in July
  • More Downside to Stocks?


  • The Times They Are A-Changin'
  • The World Has Gone Electronic
    • First the negatives to electronic markets.
    • Easier To Manipulate
    • And now the positives…
  • A Word or Two on Cycles


  • Do Large Traders know more than you?
  • Improving OBV
    • This history
    • Two new ways of looking at OBV and a new measure of accumulation/distribution
  • Soybean Set Up


  • It's a Brave New World
    • The change to "seamless trading." How real is it?
    • The change in volatility.  If you trade you need to know about this change.
  • A University Study on Fibonacci
    • What a cool school this business school in London must be!  Read what they have to say about Fib trading.
  • The Shifting Sands of the Bond Market
  • Using the COT Data on Monthly Charts


  • Introducing the Range Rider Index
    • Helps us tell when markets are at tops and bottoms
  • Two Set Up Trades Worth Knowing About
    • a short term trade in the S&P 500 and one in the Gold market.  91% accurate
  • Great trade for next June!


  • Subscriber Quote: "I read your December newsletter, I can't tell you how important I think that information is, that one newsletter was worth the price for the entire year, and probably more." 
    • A tremendous lesson in money management and system development, illustrated so you can look for yourself at what makes for a profitable trading. 
  • Interesting twist in money management.
  • Forecast a hog market to decline
  • Seasonal trades due at holiday time.


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Commodity Timing 2007 - 12 Issues $100


  • Seasonal trading in the Bond Market. 
    • We nail it... right to the day... Most bullish and bearish fundamentals set ups for this market. One 70% accuracy, one with over 90% accuracy. 
    • For short-term not long-term traders.
  • Commodity Timing Track record for 2006
    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - newsletter made $34,28


  • An Astonishing Out of Sample Test...
    • A Follow-up on an S&P pattern I introduced to subscribers in August of 2005. 23 more trades, making $13,690 with 74% accuracy.
  • OOPS!
    • How to Combine with Seasonal Influences
  • End of the Energy Bear Market?
    • My specific forecast of when the bull market in energies begin and what you can do about it.

MARCH 2007

  • Longest letter I have written in almost 40 years of publishing
    • Two gargantuan changes - Electronic trading and the New Cot Supplemental Report. 
  • Seasonal Set Up Trade for Hogs
  • Cot Report and the potential for disaster with the Commodity Index Funds

APRIL 2007

  • A Rant and Rave Worth Reading
    • A market letter like you have never read before...the rants and raves of the publisher/trader about subscribers as well as the markets.
  • A New Twist in Measuring Accumulation Distribution
    • WOVI - my latest new indicator

MAY 2007

  • How to Use an Advisory Service
    • The final chapter in our search for at tool better than On Balance Volume
  • Two Set Up Trades
    • Feeder Cattle and the Dollar Index

JUNE 2007

  • Psychology of gambling vs. speculating... plumb the depths of being addicted to danger and come out with solid advice.
  • The Best Candlestick Chart Patterns
  • 4 Well Researched Seasonal Trades for June Every Year!

JULY 2007

  • Secrets of System Building
    • $59,668 Profit on 156 trades with a 1.8 Risk Reward Ratio
    • How this Particular Pattern Was Developed, Improved and Made Ready for Trading
  • What Market is Most Set Up to Sell Short
    • Which Indicators are Best to Show us Such Ripe Opportunities.


  • You Can't Program the Future
    • Just One Little Obstacle Programmers and System Traders Forget
  • Sweet Spot of Money Management
    • Dick Canfield's Sparkling New Idea about When to Stop Trading a System
  • How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Set Up Trades


  • You Can't Program the Future
    • Programmers and real people are presented with an invaluable lesson here! But there's just one little obstacle programmers and system traders forget.
  • Sweet Spot of Money Management
    • I wish this was my idea; it is not. It's the product of Dick Canfield and is a sparkling new idea about when to stop trading a system, as well as when to start. Dick looks at Risk, Loss and Growth, so we can know when to step aside.
  • How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Set Up Trades
    • This idea is mine! We all know seasonals work... and don't work! How can we tell the difference?  This letter explains how with examples and a forecasted trade.


  • 23 Pages... Williams VIX FIX - This is a major issue introducing the Williams Vix Fix indicator; a synthetic Volatility Indicator that mimics the Vix Index. The 'Vix' is only available on a view stock indices. My Vix Fix can be applied to any market average, stock or commodity and in any country. 
  • Also a note on my semi-retirement and changes ahead for the letter.
  • Lessons Learned the Hard Way -  I've made lots errors in the last 45 years of trading and I hope you can learn from them.
  • The Advanced COT Index - There is a new way to look at COT data. I begin the explanation in this letter... we will be using this tool a great deal in 2008.
  • 2 powerful seasonal trades; one on Bonds with 86% accuracy in the last 30 years, and an S&P one with 76% winners since 1982. Both trades have large average profit per share trades.
  • BUY GOLD FOR 10% BELOW SPOT? You bet, I've done it and show you how. No sale commissions either. If you are a gold guy or gal this letter is worth thou$ands.
  • Darrell Zimmerman - One mans attempt to corner the bond market; great reading and lessons to be learned.
  • False Break Buy and Sell Patterns - New twists to an old, old strategy for pinpointing market lows, or using as a specific trading pattern with entry, exits and stops explained in full. A complete system.
  • THE COTTON CAPER... my thoughts on what's in store for this market in the future.

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In late 2007 I announced my "retirement." I was very excited about the opportunity to slow down and focus on my own personal trading. However the majority of my subscribers asked me if I would continue the trade recommendations and reduce the monthly publication. So, I compromised and reduced the newsletter from once per month to once per quarter... delaying my retirement by one year. Commodity Timing finished its 40th year in 2008. It was quite a ride.

Commodity Timing 2008 - 5 Issues $70. These are quarterly reports

JANUARY 2008 - Q1

  • What I learned and have relearned in commodity trading

    • Which lessons are the hardest to learn
    • Which lessons are the most important
    • Why I don't trust track records
    • How to look at track records so you can evaluate them correctly
  • See the Commodity Timing Track Record with and without money management applied
  • The start of 2008 was a pivotal point for me in picking up old indicators from the past to trade the new electronic markets.

APRIL 2008 - Q2
  • Do you like trading price patterns? I divulge one of the most powerful short-term patterns, worth far more than the mere cost of these newsletters.
  • The story of Frankie Joe, one of the greatest commodity traders of his era.
  • The start of the demise of one of the hottest trading hands ever... Renaissance Capital.
  • Another buy and sell pattern for you based on buying new lows and selling new highs.
  • A pattern in 1937 stock prices continues to do quite well.

JULY 2008 - Q3

  • The importance of avoiding a big loss and exactly how to do that. If you never lose big on any one trade you should stay ahead of the game.
  • Learn about the importance of third-party trades... also cost me a lot of money... I hope you learn a lesson, a lesson that took me so many years to learn.
  • Okay so we talked about large losses, how about large wins?
  • Which moving average is the best to use? I look at moving averages you probably aren't aware of and ultimately give you my shadow technique. I think this technique is the most reliable moving average, trend following approach.
  • Your health is more important than your wealth. Learn the importance of sleep and how trading can break up our sleep patterns. Read my solutions to getting a good night's sleep and trading better.
  • A look at the forecasts made for gold and copper as well as an in-depth explanation of seasonal forecasts for these markets.

OCTOBER 2008 - Q4

  • White space... what is it... how could it affect a chart? There is white space on all of the charts whether they are paper charts or computer-generated charts. You'll have to read the report to see what that really means. It has a definite psychological or mental influence on your perspective of the market.
  • I announce my semi-retirement (for the second time)
  • Trend following indicators used in conjunction with percent R.
  • The dwarf test. This is a great little test that really gets at proving a system by actual performance, something that seems to be seldom mentioned or shown by system sellers.
  • Bonds seasonality
  • Learn the incredible change in margin that took place, what that meant to traders
  • Seasonal influences for stock prices

JANUARY 2009 - Q5

  • Parting Shots. This is my swan song... my last newsletter. I've tried to put in the real nitty-gritty of trading, what you absolutely must have to be successful. I also show proof of stops.
  • The importance of talent, focus, and endurance; things we need as traders, just as professional athletes must have the same attributes. You need to know as a trader if you are a sprinter, middle distance runner or marathoner?
  • My long-term forecast of stock prices from 2008 into 2015. If you are long-term cycle guy of course, this is the edition for you.

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