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Larry Williams 2019 Forecast Report

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Since 2005 Larry has been publishing his forecast predictions. Get Larry's special market forecasts for all major futures markets.

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Right Stock Cover

The Right Stock at the Right Time. In this indispensable, one-of-a-kind guide, forty-year industry veteran and top technical analyst Larry Williams throws down the gauntlet at the feet of the bear market pundits. Rejecting their pessimism clouded view of the market, Williams reveals how you can prosper from knowing the fundamentals that have moved stocks in the past and will continue to move them in the future. Relying on exhaustive research (which includes stock market prices as far back as 1854), the author demonstrates that rallies are common to all market periods. With these historical precedents as guideposts, he explains how you can zero in on the market bottom and ride the inevitable upswing that follows. Released in 2003.

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book imageHow to Prosper in the Coming Good Years 1982 The insider's guide to smart financial management. It contains proven methods for sharpening your investment timing and getting more return with less risk from high-yield investments. It tells how to look ahead for the right buy in real estate and how to be successful - and careful - in the tricky commodities game. It outlines the risks, the challenges and the best bets as forecast by a leader in the investment community. How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years describes opportunities across the entire spectrum of personal finance management, from stocks to career choices, from commodities to high-risk "science fiction" ventures.

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