TradeShark Software Review

TradeShark Software Review

And the Larry Williams Premium Indicators

I try to keep abreast of the newest and most update products in the industry so I can recommend them to the people that follow me. But I'm not willing to partner with a company or even recommend a software just because it's the "latest greatest thing". After 53+ years in the business, I've built a solid reputation and would never risk associating with people or products that don't have the same pedigree.

That's why I decided to make my indicators available in the TradeShark Software ( TradeShark creates proprietary predictive leading technical indicators that have been documented and scientifically proven to forecast the short term trend direction of target markets with up to 86% predictive accuracy.

TradeShark Software Overview

I've had a long successful trading career and I've made money in every asset class. TradeShark exploits the advanced pattern recognition capabilities of neural networks to identify profitable trading opportunities in all markets. Through its patented computerized processes and algorithms, TradeShark creates predictive technical indicators that offer reliable, accurate short-term price and trend forecasts each day for hundreds of global markets. It even transforms widely-used, lagging technical indicators such as MACD, RSI and stochastics into powerful, predictive indicators that can actually forecast market direction. These indicators complement the Larry Williams Indicators.

How Using Larry Williams Premium Indicators in TradeShark Software Can Help Your Trading

I consider my Cycle Track Indicator to be a trader's "Holy Grail" as it predicts three months in advance a market's most likely move or trend. Yes, no one can predict the future, but the Williams Cycle Forecast projects past cycles ahead to anticipate market tops and bottoms in the coming months. Whether it's the United States markets, the markets in Australia, the markets in Europe, we all seem to have some emotional cycle going on in us as traders.

The forecast can be an alert for timing positions using other Williams and TradeShark indicators. You can see me talk about this in depth in this interview:

In addition to the Cycle Track, there are a variety of other my valuable indicators in TradeShark including the Williams Trend Track, the Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index (EMAI), the Williams Professional Sentiment Index (PSI) and the Williams Seasonal Indicator Williams Turning Point Indicator.

TradeShark Software Review - Technical and Customer Support

It isn't just enough to have my indicators, you need to have people there to support them. The team at TradeShark know these indicators inside and out, and they are actually teaching my materials. I've personally trained them and seen firsthand how they are ready and willing to help their customers. You can learn more about how the TradeShark and Larry Williams's partnership can work for you in this video,

It is this combination of top-notch technology, reputation, and customer support that lead me to my partnership with TradeShark. I really believe this is a great tool available for the retail trader in today's global markets.

For more information call 800-732-5407 (US and Canada) or 1-813-973-0496 or email