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Larry Williams Annual Forecast Report

Since 2005 Larry has been publishing his forecast predictions. Get Larry's special market forecasts for all major futures markets.

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Just Released! Larry Williams Futures & Commodities Trading Course

Learn on Larry evaluates the markets daily, the tools he uses to make his trading decisions, and all his amazing insights into the markets that he has learned over the last 56+ years of trading and research in the markets.

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Larry has published many books on the futures, commodities, and stock markets as well as a few others not related to trading. For all books by Larry Williams, please click HERE.

Second Edition, Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading. An update to Larry's best selling first edition with new twists & turns for the electronic markets. The blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading in a post-market meltdown economy. In this updated edition, Williams shares his years of experience as a highly successful short-term trader, while highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of what can be a very fruitful yet potentially dangerous endeavor.

Trade Stocks & Commodities with the Insiders.Larry's ninth book on trading the markets. This book is based on Larry's work with the COT report that began in 1970. You will learn who the Commercials are, how they use the markets, and how you can use what they do to stack the odds in your favor. This book literally shows you what the Insiders are doing with real money and how you can follow their action. This is the first book ever written on this subject and will substantially improve your understanding of why markets do what they do. Forget technical analysis, Insiders move the markets and now you can move with them!

Day Trade Futures Online. As the original short term vehicle, the futures market allows the trader to collapse the time frame in which he or she can reach the desired profit target - or pain threshold. Award winning veteran futures trader Larry Williams gives a no-holds-barred view of the risks and rewards of this increasingly accessible arena. His straight forward approach to helping you determine your trading personality is really the first step. Then he offers traders what they really need: strategies and tactics designed to beat the futures market. From hardware and software setup to trading psychology and successful strategizing, this book covers all the bases needed to prepare you to trade online.

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading. The public thinks speculation is a game of knowing the future, of knowing that which cannot be known. They are wrong. It is a game of developing strategies with winning advantages, of getting the odds on your side, and then working those odds. Short-term trading is how most traders and would-be traders play the markets. While it offers the greatest financial payoffs, it also presents the greatest challenge, requiring constant attention and vigilance, as well as a very strict plan. This book provides the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading; highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of what can be a fruitful, yet potentially dangerous venture. Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and German

How I Made One Million Dollars...Last Year...Trading Commodities. If you've thought the commodity market was just another Las Vegas, take heart! Larry Williams is about to show you how anyone of reasonable intelligence can consistently beat the market, year in and year out. You'll see all the tools he uses to ferret out the super trades that lead to gains of well over 1000%. Williams' basic theory is that future price direction is pretty well known by the large commercial users, producers and consumers. These are the people that must have commodities to stay in business. The secret to commodities is tracking these billion dollar super powers.

The Definitive Guide to Futures Trading. If you've been dissatisfied with the stock market in recent years; if you're looking for an opportunity to dramatically increase your wealth, then you will be very interested in this book...and how Larry Williams turned $10,000 into over $1.1 million in one year! Whether you're a newcomer to futures or a seasoned professional, you'll learn how to make big money using a highly successful systematic approach to investing. This revolutionary book will teach you how to take advantage of volatility...how to read market turns ...everything you need to build a personal fortune. Available in English, German, Japanese, and Chinese

Sure Thing Commodity Trading. The book that started it all! Sure Thing Commodity Trading was the first book ever written on the seasonal tendencies of commodity prices. This book was a genesis of countless advisory services and books revealing seasonal influences. Like so much of Larry Williams' work Sure Thing Commodity Trading was ground breaking and on the cutting edge of its era. All of Larry analysis and charting was developed by hand, without access to today's computer tools which we typically take for granted. Remarkably, the majority of Larry's forecasts have held up of the last 30 years.

The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains. 1972 This book will show you how to select stocks for immediate and substantial gains. You'll be sown a technique for selection based on identifying what stocks are under professional buying or selling. Once you learn how to select stocks, where the pros have been aggressive buyers or sellers, you will be shown how to successfully forecast the market's short, intermediate and long term trends. You'll then be told how to combine stock selection and market timing and how to further improve your results with special insight into Wall Street and many, many pointers about market activity, most of which have never before been made public.