Thank you again for taking so much time to address my questions on the phone. You have no idea how much I appreciate that! Thanks so much also for sending me the link to the FINVIZ website. It looks like a wonderful resource!

I'm writing to you to share what a wonderful day I had on Friday, in part because of YOU! I am currently on vacation in British Columbia but I'm trying to maintain my trading routine. I was short cattle which hit my target on Friday, almost at the day's low. This was a trade I took because of your "Sure thing course". I've been trading with real money for about 6 months now trying out different things, but I am now officially in the money with my trading account!

Then I decided to do a little fishing, hoping to catch some nice trout for dinner... and well, I got lucky with two wonderful Kokanees (land-locked sockeye salmon)! What a great day!

Thanks for everything and I can't wait for your webinar on Wednesday!

Greetings from beautiful British Columbia, Sebastian B.

Hello Larry & Louise, Thank you both so much for the great seminar. Hope you get some rest this week before the next one. Traded E-Mini today with the pattern like you both taught us with %R in buy zone momentum on rise. That trade paid for the seminar and then some. Been trading 12 years, and never made consistent money until I dedicated intense studies to all of your work 2 years ago. I know these new techniques will only increase my account. Larry, your work is brilliant as always, and thank you so much for still taking time to teach. Sincerely, D.F.

Thank you, I loved your recent seminar The Art of Short Term Trading I was at the first one on 2/14 2/15 and had a great time in Ft. Lauderdale. I've made back the entire cost of the seminar and the day extra I stayed in Miami plus a couple thousand more. I greatly appreciate the signed course book as well - BW

Dear Larry, I attended your seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, and I didn't make it to the spot where you were doing your video testimonials, but I wanted to send you this quick note; please feel free to use it if you can and want to:

I spent about a week reviewing and paper trading your techniques, and went live midweek (I'm still taking my time and wrapping my arms around everything, but I got tired of watching and missing good trades!). I can confidently say that I got MORE than my money's worth. I have been using the LNL Indicator with?the Percent R w/Momentum for my short term trading in conjunction with your teachings on Market Structure, and 2 things have happened:

1) I trade less (those signals don't come by all the time

2) My stops are immediately because I can clearly see where they need to be based on market structure

The part about market structure alone was worth the price of admission; I have made 3 times my money back in less than three weeks. I use daily and intraday support & resistance lines and so much of what you taught just clicked when you explained how you plot short term swings within the intermediate term swings. I am still studying your book on how to use these techniques for positions trades, but I'm excited to say the least. I saw the short signals the LNL gave on the daily Japanese Yen, and papertraded it. Beautiful.

I am so happy that I attended your Art of Short Term Trading Seminar. The past year has been frustrating for me and I have been looking for solid ground that I could build upon. I found it at your seminar (and your book).

I manage my own accounts, a small hedge fund and private money and it is impossible to grow a fund with poor to average returns, and I believe that as Larry's techniques become part of my daily and weekly disciplines, all that will change. I had access to "institutional-grade"training (broker for 15 years & Registered Investment Adviser) and actually left 2 different training seminars in the middle of the teaching because they were either too light or too ambiguous on the subject of money management, and they didn't teach me anything meaningful regarding trade entry. There is no education like the one you can get from someone who can grow money the way Larry Williams does.

I feel so fortunate to have met Larry and learned from him. If you are considering attending one of his seminars, stop evaluating... If you are able to go, JUST GO! It's not every day you have an opportunity to meet one of the truly groundbreaking professionals in the world of professional speculation. He's a gentleman and has a gift for teaching traders about things that are relevant to multiplying money.

I used to give dozens of seminars a year and I KNOW they're a lot of work. I want to sincerely thank you both, Larry and Louise, for investing your time and energy into this project and sharing your time and knowledge with me.

Kindest regards, Jose.R. February 2009

What a class!!! This is without doubt the best course you've put out. I know, because over the years, I think I've taken all the classes, seminars, and read all the books you've had, including going to yearly up dates in Las Vegas.This is concise and to the point. The ability to go back and review each section is exactly what I needed. Every time, I was able to glean a little more that I had somehow over looked. I was able to understand in a way that is not always allowed at the seminars. - Bill P.

Hi Larry: I'm the guy who was putting off getting your "SURE THING COMMODITY COURSE" because I thought that it was just a rehash from a prior one. I couldn't have been more wrong. SURE THING is just tremendous and I'm learning so much. - J. H.

This is my 4th try at trading over the course of the last 10 years and who knows how much lost money and i am finally making money at it (8 months in a row in the black now, knock on wood) and the sure thing course has made it that much better. - Kevin T.

I have finished two sections of the Sure Thing Commodity Course. The Course is outstanding. It is very clear, concise, understandable and terrifically organized with great attention paid to detail. I love how each presentation is a small tape and the time of each presentation is clearly noted in the table of contents. I am very satisfied with this new method of learning. It is far superior to a live seminar because you can stop and review an area that you do not quite understand as many times as necessary and learn at your own pace, all this with out the hassle of travel - M.M.

... I want to thank you for all your efforts and patience in teaching the material you have worked so hard to learn. It is very generous of you to offer such invaluable insights into the markets. Most people would not have the generosity to share such valuable material. I realize you are a professional and there is a fee but I believe the fee is a very small token and well worth the information that you teach. The Sure thing live seminar was truly amazing. I am in awe of what can be done much less from the other side of the world - M.M.

Have had an opportunity to listen to some of the recordings in the course and the sound quality is excellent. I also downloaded the manual and read it. I thought it brought together the concepts introduced to me over the the past 7 years, quite well, and added some new information. - D.K.

Although I have been to MANY of Larry's seminars, I found great value in reviewing the information in this format. I can repeat as much as I want, until it makes sense, . - P.L.

Your Sure Thing Commodity videos are a great way to learn. - Mike

Larry. Thank you for sharing so much in the Sure Thing course. I know I never would share a thing. But I am fortunate that you are not as selfish as I. With Best Regards - W.A.

...the larry live video archives......i just finished them and have two successful trades on using larry's techniques found in the now going to tackle the manual.....many thanks to larry williams for sharing with others!!! - L.G.

The course has been fantastic and really enjoyed listening & learning from Larry. Looking forward to his next level course. - K. D.

...I think Larry rocks... very solid.. no nonsense.. practical and thoughtful stuff indeed. - K.M.

Some of the Many Emails Comments From Larry Williams' Students

Hi Larry, I just wanted to let you know about my trading experience, or rather my trading adventures. After starting my own self managed superfund a few years ago and making negative returns, it became obvious that I had to learn about the Markets for myself, rather than relying on Advisors. So I attended a few Seminars, where the Presenters were more interested in selling additional, more advanced courses and software programs instead of teaching trading! But, I do believe in persistence, and luckily for me, I attended your Seminar in Sydney in 2005. I was very impressed with the fact that you actually traded with your money in front of all the attendees, but what impressed me even more was all the Trading Information and Techniques you presented and gave us. Coming from a non investing background, for me to source all that information would have been impossible or would have taken me many, many years. Now to cut a long story short, last September, I opened a futures account and started trading using techniques you taught at your Seminar. Well Larry, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for all that information you so gracefully parted with at your Seminar and to let you know that in less than one year, I HAVE DOUBLED MY FUTURES ACCOUNT. Thanks again for introducing me to your world of trading. - J.P

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your trade idea just paid for our new minivan. I just closed a trade the last week of November . I was long the BPH7 and short the CDH7, 5 contracts each. I got the idea from notes on the old "Money Tree" course where you commented on some seasonal tendencies - Brian T.

I just closed out two HG copper positions! Those trades were made based on what you taught us about the relationship of the nearby to the differed contracts. Thanks Larry - Karl P.

The way I, and anyone putting there money on the line, should use a newsletter is for guidance, and education. I have been using your letter for insight on how to develop patterns that have high accuracy w/ a programming package. I use TS, to each his own. People taking your trades w/out doing due diligence are never going to make it. I first went to one of your seminars in 1997 and have always been highly impressed w/ u.
FINALLY--- after 6 years of trying to win at this silly game.... I don't know what snapped, but Finally, I feel like i've got it. I've been on a winning streak recently-- 6 weeks -- by the way, nearly all of my ideas have stemmed from the things I learned from you. THANK YOU - V. G.

Thank you for all your precise books and commentary. I have finally profited from the futures market. I feel confident that I will continue as long as I am trading. Of all the books and financial writers I've read you are by far the BEST!!!
Thank you. - K.S.

I cannot believe it. This is like winning in the lottery. Today I love you all! - Manfred

Larry, Just a word of encouragement. Your books and information are by far the most powerful available to mankind. I know because I seen the others. This trading is now my life thanks to you. I just don't know anywhere else where you can see your net worth soar to new heights so quickly and have the odds in your favor. Yeah we lose money here, its a tough game, but that's what odds are for and you've taught us to get those in our favor. Eventually we win, just takes faith in your odds and system.

Thanks for showing the results of your recent trades--this is the stuff people want to see--proof, evidence. But I don't even need proof because I seen and read your several books and the clues using your techniques--gold mine is an understatement. And now I've proven it to myself in the real markets with real money... You're truly a shepard Larry, leading many sheep to greener pastures....and I simply thank you for the hope, wisdom, and kindness you've shared to coach me to these greener pastures. The war continues here. And I wish you well in your battle of the markets. - James

I was at the inner circle workshop in Vegas this weekend and had a great time. This is my second workshop, and you were just as informative this time as the first (back in 98.) To answer a question you asked early on...I came to the seminar a second time because there is so much you need to know it's almost impossible to take it all in in a single weekend. I found things much easier to understand this time around because a lot of it was a refresher.

I want to say thanks Larry, because you give us a lot more then the knowledge to trade the markets and hopefully be successful; if people follow you're advice they will have a way out of debt and the 9-5 rat race. You give people a chance to get their life back; and how can you put a price on that
Thanks - Jim

Had an awesome morning today I just closed out my biggest trade to date in Coffee (real-money). My wife thought I should write and tell you thanks. For a farm kid that was a lot of money for 5 minutes of work (and a lot of preparation). It would of took me about two months to make the same doing hard physical work in this hot idaho sun. - Ronnie

I was one of your participants in the Vancouver seminar in 2003. Just as you said it takes time to be a good trader - I've been at it now for a good three years and am happy to say that since last December I'm consistently making money. I use your indicators daily (mostly R&R) combined with another tool and have found a method that works for me. Mostly I'd like to thank you for a comment you made about emotional control - since last fall I've been studying the role of Positive Emotion in achieving goals and it is the final tool I seem to have needed to get me to the point of consistent success. You have helped transform my life and for that I am very grateful. Many many thanks, - D.W.

Larry, You don’t need to respond. Just a thank you for the fine tools you present and the mind boggling work involved. I have learned more in the few months since I have obtained your materials than in the past 4 years studying what I could get my hands on. Like Ken Roberts. Nothing wrong with elementary school but it just doesn’t work in the real trading world. I noticed that quite a few markets like Bean Oil get stopped out a few times. I suppose that is a encouragement signal. My first future trade is Cocoa..I entered at 1449 and it is now trading at 15+ my broker understands your systems and it is very nice doing business with you. Don’t talk about old age so much you do more at your age than most 20 and 30 year olds ever do. Thanks - Ray B.

I told you, trading is my PASSION for about 9y and in this time I see all the guys with their "special" techniques and I don´t need to tell you, that 95% of it is really bad. But then I meet you at the MDC and I knew you are right in your way of trading !!! Because of my personal experience... but I also knew what marvelous (!!!) power and years you must´ve invested into your knowledge, to find out ALL this "natural cycle of the markets" ! Today you are teaching guys like me these "secrets" and this is not usual that´s the reason I told "I can´t find words for me THX !" You are one of this guys who have something which our society has lost, a guy with honor ! You can really be proud of your way of life... - peter

Just a quick message to thank you ever so much for your course and daily tips service. I did my first trade on Thursday - Bonds, opened at 112.86 closed yesterday at 114.05. Fantastic! Thanks - A.E.

Dear Larry I just wanted to send you this note to say I am so pleased I purchased your course (cracking the money code) as the information that I have learned has been amazing. I have had an interest in the markets for a while but never had anyone to talk to about it so it has been slow going trying to learn this but your course has changed all that. At the moment I am paper trading and learning and I am finding this totally fascinating and just wanted to say thank you for showing me the correct way to trade. I hope you have a great year trading and hopefully i will as well all the best - Steve...

Just a short personal thanks. This is not a report about how much money I made doing everything I was told to do. Unfortunately, I have been following you on and off, mostly off for about 15 yrs. I first purchased the definitive guide and with application did great. I ignored all the "psych" stuff; and, lo and behold, found any number of negative personality traits undercutting the financial success I was getting. Now, 15 yrs. later I have been paying careful heed to your way of integrating the mechanics into my personal life. Financially, my trading is not spectacular but consistently profitable. Most importantly, my girlfriend doesn't think I am a "fool" when I talk about the markets. Thanks for your willingness to share your insights on such a personal level - it makes a difference. I discovered the site from the COT book ( great book ). Sincerely, Jay B.

Dear Larry... I was wondering if you still use the Ultimate Oscillator now days in any of your decision making, and if so, had noticed any new nuances in its use over the years And, thank you for inventing it. I trade the S&P and Nasdaq futures in a 15 minute time frame, and use a MACD of intraday net volume (exactly like the McClellan Oscillator) to filter out my trading direction. I enter in a few different ways, but far and away my workhorse over the past several years has been the Ultimate Oscillator. It is a wonderful tool. Many thanks... Kelly M. BTW... from an intraday perspective and a lot of real time trading... I personally have not found anything that works better than your original rules.

Dear Mr. Williams: What a unique experience it was for me to meet such a great teacher, trader and person as well. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart! Best wishes always! - R.S.

I emailed you a while ago, but I am sure you forgot all about me with the huge amount of emails you must get. I purchased your cracking the money code Oh I also wanted to say that your books and dvd's are the best investments I have ever had. I got the best return on them then I have spending thousands of dollars on all the past seminars I went to... In all honesty I would have been better off just buying your books. thank you, - mark

Hi Larry, You probably don't remember me, but I have attended 3 of your seminars. 1 in Kalispel. 1 in Atlanta, where we had breakfast. 1 in San Diego. Last we talked, in Atlanta, I was in that Robbins World Cup. I wanted a trophy for the bragging rights! I took 2nd place! Would of had 1st if I had just quit in October. Thank you for your help, and sharing your knowledge. - F.V.

Twice your hotline has brought me back from near extinction.... you are truly a great trader even if you get out too early and too late!! You don't have to be humble with me. Yes, money management is the key, but your methods are still superior to "the average". How many traders other than you and welles wilder have their trademark on virtually every trading system a dedicated larry fan - john h

I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such great material. I read a portion of your book How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities. I really loved the section on money management. I also have DVD's and videos of you as well---love the material.

The thing that has helped the most is the money management. I just got how important it is to the survival of a trader. Ryan Jones is also big on this topic. It is a new way of thinking that my mind is getting used to exploring. Anyway, my paper trading on the mini dow futures has really improved. I was consistently losing before because I did not use stops and I was overtrading. I recently realized that these things I have 100% control over in putting them in place (although stops are not guaranteed, etc.)

This one thing alone has now made the majority of my paper trades winners creating a credit of 20% in 2 months in my paper account.

I love this world of trading and just wanted to say how glad I am that you are generous enough to share your expertise. You made a real difference in my life:-) Thanks - Spencer D.

GREAT SERVICE! Going through your course now. Tried the fellow from Oregon's course a few years ago and love your philosophy so much more! Thank you!! Please keep us on this list. Paper trading begins in a few days. Thanks again!! - Scott and Susan

Just thought I'd let you know that I've gotten more substantial information out of your material (Cracking the M code) than anything else. I have several dozen books on trading but guess which one is right here next to my computer screens - Frank

Larry - Every time I read one of your golden books I improve my trading and really feel like I'm thinking like a trader. So many other books I have looked at offer cookie-cutter approaches. Its incredible how many your insights and perspectives establish fundamental principles to navigate and win in the complexity of the marketplace. Thank you. Regards - Marc