One Last Time!


We did it in 2010.
We did it in 2014,
and now we are doing it in 2018.

In 2022 I will be 80 years old. I can't imagine ever doing this again!

3 Day Intensive Seminar with 10 Weeks of Live Online Webinars!

I'm Larry Williams. Join me as I personally teach you, and 49 other traders, exactly how I trade on a short term basis.

You think that can't be done? It can be, and the best evidence is that over 60% of the winners of the Robbins World Cup Trading Championships have studied under me.

I'm going to teach you to be a professional trader, so you can live like I do. Perhaps not on an island in the Caribbean, but wherever your heart desires. We will journey together for 50 days.



$23,700 Profits in Just 8 Days of Trading Small Positions


Here are a few screen shots of my actual trades and recaps — what you see are thousands of dollars of real profits and — from trading small positions. Folks have asked me, "Larry, my account is not as big as yours, does this work for small traders as well?"

Yes. The proof is in the snapshot of real trades, small trades, but real.


trades snapshot

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Day after day, thousands of dollars of profits!


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The Nuts & Boltsart-of-trading

We will spend a weekend together as a group, you and 49 other apprentices learning the art of trading together. We will have just about 3 days together, intense study, and then for the next 10 weeks we will meet online as a group. We will continue our studies together. You will watch me trade, see the trades I'm in, ask questions, show your trades if you want. There will be a forum for just you and your fellow apprentices should you want to have discussions. We will have a one-on-one session and as all of my students know, I am just an email away if you have questions.


What You Will Be Learning

I will be giving you automatic trades that are about as close as it gets to being given a trade on a silver platter. These are the same trades I showed in 2014 the last time I did the seminar.

There is a series of them for Gold, the S&P E minis, Bonds, and I’m going to be adding, for the 2018 seminar, trades for the Crude Oil market since it has become so active.

The last time I gave out these silver platter trades was at seminar in 2014. Folks like you learned one particular trade in the S&P E minis that clicks in 8 times a year. Since then this trade has made $19,450 with one loss out of 24 trades. Yes, it is mechanical. Yes, it simple to follow, you won’t need a computer for this.

We give a similar set up trade for the bond market and one for gold. These are proven to be reliable trades you can take every year... there are about 15 for each of the major markets.

As good as the silver platter trades are, they are certainly not the best part of the seminar.


The Best Part of the Seminar...

The best part of the seminar is I’m going to teach you to trade a specific trading pattern, a pattern I discovered in 1969 when trading a stock called Deltona. This is a unique pattern of momentum, not price action, that sets up some phenomenal trades on the buy and sell side.

I have been so fascinated with this pattern over the last 49 years that I have delved into it, plumbed the depths and found how it appears in several fashions. It is deadly accurate, often calling absolute highs and lows.

This is the strategy that produced the thousands of dollars seen in my actual account statements; the strategy you can be trading.

You know this... looking at price action is very confusing as I’m certain you realize. People make it even more confusing when they add things like trend lines, candlesticks, market profile, oscillators and all that.

I think that’s totally unnecessary. It’s a waste of time, causes frustration and certainly does not help for a clear understanding of what’s going to happen tomorrow in trading.

Market momentum doesn’t change...

This is perhaps the most exciting part to me as a trader. These patterns I’m going to show you work in stocks, commodities, FOREX. They work on weekly, daily charts or intraday charts (but I won't be teachin you intraday). There is no optimization.

What the pattern looks like...

When you toss a baseball or football up in the air, you know that at one point just by looking at it, it is going to start to decline. That’s the immutable law of gravity. There is a similar law of gravity in the markets.


The Pieces


Learning How We Learn...

I realized a few years ago it wasn’t just enough that I knew how to trade successfully. If I wanted to help people I had to figure out the best way for them to learn what I know. There is as much to the art of teaching as there is to the art of trading.

For that specific reason I have learned how we learn... how you learn… that means I can teach you, imprint in your mind and actions what you need to do, how you need to respond.

How many times have you gone to a seminar, watch somebody talk about whatever it is they’re doing, but walked out of the room really not fully understanding? I’ve done that on several occasions.

That’s not going to happen with you because I have a specific step-by-step program, some call this deep learning. So, we process you, from where you are now, through our apprenticeship program... to becoming a professional trader.


How Markets Really Top and Bottom

This is another huge take away you’re going to get from the seminar. Markets don’t top and bottom the same every time. If they did, we would all be instant millionaires. Even I don’t know all the ways markets top and bottom. But I have been able to clearly define the way markets present the most reliable top and bottom formations. We just then put those on top of our momentum pattern and let the games begin! It’s just that easy.


The Key to Key Reversal Days

If you have read much about the markets I’m certain you’ve read about key reversal days. Those are days when markets go way down then way back up. These days are supposedly bullish based on most textbooks... Often they aren’t. I figured that out quite a few years ago. I’ll be teaching that entry technique to you.

In the last two years I’ve noticed another way we can make money from these reversal days as the market may go higher/lower from a reversal day. You will learn the exact entry, stop loss and where to take profits. You will also learn when not to take these reversal days as they often fail.


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My Dad Was A Refinery Worker...

As some of you know my father was a refinery worker; he felt blessed to get out of a coal mine where he had been working in the summers and go to work for Conoco in the refinery. He didn’t know straight up from anything about a refinery. Yet, Dad went on to become a foreman, then a supervisor. After he retired, Dad was hired by refineries throughout the world to help with their problems.

So how did he accomplish that? Well, obviously, with a lot of hard work and dedication. But, where did it begin? It began with an apprenticeship program.

Isn’t that where most success comes from? If you want to learn a trade, or craft, it doesn’t matter if you are going to become a welder, a doctor, or a lawyer. You will go through some form of an apprenticeship program. That’s what makes you a professional.

That’s what I’ll be doing with you; you will be my apprentice for 50 days of real-time trading with real money. We will do 2 webinars each week after the seminar. Mastery is a function of repetition; the webinars are where you begin to master trading.

This is not just one more weekend seminar. It’s 10 weeks of trading with me. The two webinars a week to learn will put this all into practice. It’s also the assignments I will give you, so you can develop your skills and confidence. Confidence is the path to bolder trading. Knowledge alone is not enough. I have to help you develop your skills as well. I will break it down into little bits so you master each step as we journey on the same path.


What’s in Store For 2019...

I will also show my forecast for what I think is in store for 2019, and all attendees will get, with my compliments, my in-depth 2019 forecast report for all markets and quite a few stocks when it is finished. We usually release that report at the end of December.

You also get the silver platter trades.

And of course, you will get specific examples of the momentum pattern trades. Plus, all the rules of where to enter, where to exit, where to take your profits.


Real Trades, Real Money

I really want you to see the seminar manual because is not just full of chart examples of what happened in the past. I’m showing actual trades I’ve taken in the market... Trades I’ve taken while I’m writing the manual. So, you can see this is for real. This is not a book to put up on the shelf. This is what I’ve actual done in real time. Real trades under the pressures of the market... and everyday life.


It’s All About Credibility...

There are a lot of people giving seminars claiming they can trade or teach you to trade. But if you compare apples to apples, just ask yourself this; who else actually trades real money and shows his actual real trades? Who else has won trading championships and has his or her students winning those trading championships?

Who else has received the industry accolades and awards from organizations like the Market Technicians Association, Omega Research, Robbins World Cup Trading Championship, Dr Futures from Futures Magazine, Traders EXPO, and many more. 

Sure, I’ve written the best-selling books, been on all the TV shows, but what matters to most to me is that I’ve been doing this for 56 years... what I trade... and teach... has stood the test of time.


$100,000 Proof

During your 50-day apprenticeship we will meet twice a week online as a group, live webinars. We will review trades, set ups and I will take all your questions. All these sessions will be recorded, posted in a secure area only for you, and made available for you for 1 year

I will be trading a real $100,000 account so you can see and learn from real-life, real-time experiences.

Then at the end of the 50 days, or during if you would like, we will set up a skype call/phone call/gotomeeting for a one-on-one meeting with just you and me to review your trades and help in any way I can.


My task is to create winning professional traders. I can’t do it on my own.

I need you to be an active student... so we don’t accept just anyone for this apprenticeship.

  1. If you have not traded for at least a year this seminar will be over your head. Stay home.
  2. If you cannot devote at least two hours a week to the practice assignments you will be given, I do not want you to come.
  3. If you cannot come to the 2 webinars we will do each week, you will be wasting my time and your money.
  4. If you want to learn to day-trade (aka intraday trade) please do not attend. That’s not where the big money is. It’s where the big headaches are.
  5. If you are a long-term investor, save your money. This is about short-term trading.


How I Trade... a most unusual style...

Most people have a picture of me "super-glued" to my monitor, clicking away buy and sell orders. Nothing could be further from the truth.

During market hours I seldom look at the markets. There's really not much need to.

Often you will find me out for a jog, or perhaps I've walked across the lawn to the beach for a swim, or I'm out shopping.

More than likely though, I'm following my passion, doing hard core market research.

I don't look at every tick, that is not my way of trading. I place my orders and walk away from the chaos.


Personally Trade With Me for 10 Weeks!

You and I both know a seminar is not enough... so following the seminar, twice each week... we will have an on-line webinar/coaching session as a group. You can see my trades, and show me yours if you want... it will be just like being with me for 50 trading days - 10 weeks!! We will dig into the markets and you will see real time application of the strategy.

You will know where your stop is before getting into your trades and where targets are.

 I will show you target and entry techniques you have never seen before.

What if today is an inside day with an up close? Do you know where to buy tomorrow? Or should you sell? How about if today is an outside day, what should you do? You will know after this seminar.

You will also learn my technique for trailing stops - in short, you will learn The Art of Trading.


You Deserve The Best

You will be treated right; I will pay for your three nights stay at the beautiful Margaritaville hotel in Ft Lauderdale and all the seminar meals. Continental Breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, cocktail reception Saturday night, and a special dinner on Sunday night.

I will receive all the tools we use in TradeStation as well as a complete manual with working examples and rules as well as over 50 hours of my time. Others - that don't really trade - or have not made millions from trading as I have - charge $20,000 for their loco weed mentoring programs.


Trade by trade, we will do this together to create your personal success story.

I fully realize that at $10,000 this is expensive; very expensive. There are three reasons for this; first it's worth it.

Second, I don't want thousands of others doing what I personally do, the high price limits that.

Finally, I want to make certain that the people I teach this to have a commitment and the ability to take advantage of my techniques. This is not for everyone, that's for sure.


Only One Location Left

We would love to do this special program in St Croix. Thanks to last year’s double dose of hurricanes there are not enough hotel room. So we are going to the mainland.

Pick the location that works best for you! (you cannot attend both locations)

JW Marriott


October 15th-17th Palm Desert, California JW Mariott Desert Springs Restort SORRY SOLD OUT




October 20th-22nd Hollywood, Florida Margaritaville Beach Resort & Spa SORRY SOLD OUT



  1. Three day in person seminar and seminar manual
  2. All seminar meals and a special Sunday night dinner
  3. Three nights at the seminar hotel. Yes, I will pay for your hotel room (internet is included)
  4. Ten weeks of online webinars (twice per week as a group)
  5. One 1-hour personal online coaching session with just you and me, no other students
  6. My 2019 Forecast Report


Event Price: $10,000


Balance is due by October 5, 2018.


California IS SOLD OUT


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Balance is due by October 5, 2018. Strictly Limited to ONLY 50 NEW Art of Trading Students at each location. There will be NO exceptions.

I know these events will sell out. They always have. So, if you are at all interested, reserve your spot now... you and I... together, are going to set a new bar in the world of commodity trading and teaching.


*Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before October 5th, no fee will be withheld and we will refund the full amount. After October 5th, a cancellation fee will apply.

Direct Line: 619-787-3674

OR Contact US via Email if you have any questions.